Causes of Trauma-Induced Hair Loss

Causes of Trauma-Induced Hair Loss

Hair is one of the vital signs of beauty. Hence hair loss is a major pain in the neck for most men and women. There may be many reasons for this problem. That ranges from minor vitamin deficiencies to problems relating to the skin. Moreover, they may also include some genetically transmitted diseases.

Causes of trauma:

Trauma is one other aspect that cannot rule out while discussing the causes of hair loss. Trauma can either be a physical or mental one. Also, chemical exposure can be the cause of this.

Types of hair loss and causes:

There are several varieties of unhealthy exposure that we call trauma. While here, we are discussing some types of hair loss resulting from trauma.

1. Traumatic Alopecia:

This is a breakage of the hair strand, and it causes structural hair defects. This happens due to trauma that results from damage to the hair care ritual. And the most observed defect in this damage is the trichorrhexis nodosa. The symptoms of it include shortening, weakening and breaking of hair. Unfortunately, this type is not age-dependent.

What happens to Hair?

On examining through the microscope, it appears that ends of hair become frayed. This gives an appearance like a broomstick to the hair. The rest of the hair may have nodules resembling two broomsticks that are stuck with each other.


There are many causes for this type of hair loss which the trauma causes. For instance, harsh combing of curly hair or using hot combs in excess.


To find a cure for any disorder, we need to find the cause of it. Unluckily, this disorder is not genetic and limits itself. To eliminate this, we have to remove the cause of its occurrence.

2. Trichorrhexis Nodosa:

It is another kind of hair loss due to trauma. It is a defect of the bristling of the hair shaft. The use of chemicals or manipulating your hair excessively are the causes behind this hair defect.

What happens to Hair?

There are several symptoms of the disorder. These disorders are easy to detect. Besides, some are hard to detect. Moreover, hair break from the roots due to lack of hair growth and weakening of hair. The shafts of the hair appear to have thick nodes. The ends of the hair split and get thinned. The hair also appears to have whitish tips. The discolouration of hair is the most visible sign.


Some of the causes detected include the deficiency of the thyroid hormone. The thyroid fails to perform the desired result. Besides, the ammonia building up in the body may also cause traumatic hair loss. Iron deficiency is also one of the major causes.


Thus, to treat or avoid this disorder, one must treat their hair with care. As most of the cases of such type include external factors. Hence they can be treated by care. Additionally, taking care of hair from the harmful and damaging external causes can save you.

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