How Much Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey?

How Much Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey?

How Much Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey?

As a result of Hair Loss, which is especially problematic for men worldwide, hair transplantation’s popularity increases and attracts attention by patients. Turkey uses very successful hair transplantation techniques based on European and Asian countries. In this issue about hair transplantation in Turkey, we will give you a comprehensive guide about the plantation fees.

You can find answers to many questions from A to Z about the hair transplant process in this topic.

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgery that restores hair growth after hair loss. The procedure involves taking grafts from a donor area to implant them in the recipient area. The results are lasting and, depending on the technique, very natural. Besides, there are many methods of hair transplants. Hair transplants in Turkey use the latest technology. How Much Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey?

How is the Hair Implant Done?

All hair transplant techniques follow the seven essential steps outlined below.

1- Drawing of the frontal line

Your doctor will use a marker pen to mark the line of your hairline. Once you have approved the line drawn, the process can begin.

2- Shaving

Shaving is not mandatory in every hair transplant procedure. It depends on the technique used and the number of grafts to be extracted. Your surgeon will determine this during the physical examination. However, patients should shave the donor area to reduce the risk of infection.

3- Injection of local anesthetic

Surgeons do hair transplants under local anesthesia. Your surgeon will inject the anesthetic fluid into both the donor and recipient area.

4- Extraction of the grafts

This phase consists of extracting the grafts from their initial location. Likewise, this process differs depending on the technique used. Each technique has its method of graft extraction.

5- Separation of follicular units

After extracting the grafts, it is essential to keep them in good condition until later use. Doctors place them in a hypothermal solution. At Vera Clinic and other similar clinics, surgeons separate the grafts according to their number. For example, grafts with 1 to 2 hairs should be implanted at the frontal line level. Furthermore, grafts with more hair are implanted at the crown. These details may seem trivial but guarantee a natural result.

6- Opening of the channels

Your surgeon will make very small holes on your scalp using micro scalpels. These openings will then host the extracted grafts. The opening of the channels varies according to the techniques.

7- Implantation of follicular units

Once the implantation canals are opened, the extracted hair will be inserted into the canals using angular medical forceps.

Hair Transplant Techniques

FUE and FUT are the only standard methods for hair transplantation. Other techniques such as Sapphire FUE and DHI Choi are variations of the traditional FUE method. How Much Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey?

  • Benefits of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):
  • No scar on donor and recipient areas.
  • Non-traumatic minimally invasive surgical procedure for the scalp.
  • Permanent and natural results.
  • Body hair can be extracted if the density of the patient’s donor area is insufficient.
  • Quick recovery.
  • Almost no pain or discomfort after surgery.

Which patients can choose the FUE technique?

  • Those are looking to restore or transplant hair on their eyebrows and beards.
  • Patients who cannot grow their hair due to scars from burns.
  • Those who have had unsatisfactory FUT surgery. In general, they are no longer eligible for FUE, given the number of scars formed.
  • Having busy schedules and requiring surgery with fast healing and recovery rates.
  • Looking for minimally invasive surgery to restore lost hair.

Extraction of Sapphire FUE follicular units

  • The Sapphire FUE method is a variation of FUE. However, it follows the same steps and the same work chart as a standard FUE.
  • The only difference between the two methods is the surgical equipment in Sapphire FUE and its consequent impact on the results.
  • Doctors use blades made from sapphire gemstones.
  • This gemstone allows the blade to have a V-shaped end.
  • The V-shaped end allows for precise tiny perforations. Thus, no damage is inflicted on healthy follicles near the recipient area.

Benefits of Sapphire (FUE):

  • Permanent and natural results.
  • No scars.
  • No damage was inflicted on neighboring follicles.
  • Fast recovery rate.
  • No more transplanted grafts.
  • Negligible pain or discomfort during and after surgery.

Which patients can choose the Saphire FUE technique?

  • Patients with reasonably thick hair who are looking to increase the density of their hair.
  • Who suffer from progressive hair loss.
  • Having busy schedules and requiring a procedure with fast healing and recovery rates.
  • They are looking for minimally invasive surgery to restore their hair.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT):

  • In FUT Hair Transplant, surgeons do not extract hair individually. On the contrary, they altogether remove from the scalp to a depth of 5-7 mm.
  • Your surgeon will then prick the scalp, and this creates a linear scar, which is very noticeable. Also, the nurses will dissect the strip under a microscope.
  • Next, the surgeon incises the scalp using steel scalpel blades. Finally, the harvested grafts are implanted.

Benefits of FUT

  • Many more hair follicles can be extracted in a single session compared to FUE.
  • Permanent natural-looking hair.
  • Relatively lower price compared to other methods.

Which patients can choose the Saphire FUT technique?

  • The patients :
  • Who does not fear having a linear scar from the invasiveness of this surgery?
  • With less hair in the donor area.
  • Who are comfortable with relatively longer recovery rates compared to other treatments.

Direct Hair Implantation Using the DHI Method:

  • Direct hair implantation using the Choi pens is a relatively modern technique, similar to FUE.
  • Each hair transplant procedure follows the same necessary steps. First, doctors apply local anesthesia. Then they extract the grafts. This step follows the opening of the canals and finally the implantation.
  • DHI follows the same procedure as standard FUE until the incision and implantation stages.
  • The difference, however, lies in the material used.
  • DHI hair transplant uses a hollow pen-shaped needle called a Choi implantation pen.
  • When using the Choi pen, two of the steps mentioned earlier can be combined into one step.
  • The extracted grafts are placed at the end of the pen. Then all that remains is to implant them by “pricking” them at the incisions.

Advantages of the DHI pen:

  • Permanent and natural results.
  • The scar that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
  • A minimally invasive surgical procedure that is not traumatic to the scalp.
  • No damage was inflicted on neighboring follicles.
  • Fast recovery rate.
  • Negligible pain or discomfort during and after surgery.

Which patients can choose the DHI technique?

  • The patients :
  • Who can afford it? DHI Choi hair transplant is an advanced technique, costs more than other methods.
  • Having busy work schedules and requiring a procedure with rapid healing and recovery rates.
  • Who does not fear a slightly longer procedure?

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