How To Choose Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?

How To Choose Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?

How To Choose Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?

Hair loss is a hair problem that occurs in men or women and is observed in all countries. The method that permanently ends the problem of hair loss today is the hair transplantation method. However, individuals who want to have a hair transplant may have issues finding the best clinic or the best surgeon. What are the most prominent criteria when choosing a surgeon for hair transplantation? How can he find the right clinic and hair transplant center? You can find answers to the main questions, such as in the rest of this topic.

We see different ways of hair transplantation. It is essential to evaluate all hair transplant methods, but the most crucial criterion in these evaluations is the surgeon’s experience. With the hair transplant doctor’s advice, it will be possible to choose the appropriate hair transplant method. Each technique and method in this field has its advantages. We will tell you how to decide on the hair transplant method and find the best hair transplant surgeon.

How to Choose a Hair Transplant Surgeon?

Before choosing a suitable hair transplant surgeon, do some research. You should analyze information about hair transplantation techniques and the surgeon’s references.

You should be able to trust that your surgeon has a lot of experience. Therefore, he or she must have a track record of thousands of successful procedures. This means that your surgeon must have at least ten years of solid experience doing hair transplant surgery only. An experienced hair implant surgeon will understand the technicalities of each unique patient and their needs.  Each patient’s skin and hair are different because they have individual hair loss needs.

Due to the lack of regulation in the hair transplant industry in some places, you should be very careful when making your decision. Therefore, always ask about your surgeon’s education and certification. In this sense, your surgeon must have a license from the medical school and have international hair restoration certifications.

With a hair transplant, there are two main costs: the surgeon’s time and the clinic/hospital use. You pay for quality when it comes to transplantation. Low prices mean poorly equipped and sometimes unsanitary clinics and inexperienced surgeons.

How Does a Right Hair Surgeon Perform a Hair Implant?

As we have already mentioned, the FUE method’s execution requires a high degree of seniority and a remarkable dexterity in microscopic surgery, since only in this way will it be possible to avoid damage to the hair follicles and, as a result, little final results satisfactory.

Qualified Team of Professionals

Once it is clear how to choose a surgeon for a hair graft. The specialist you chose has to surround himself/herself with a group of entirely trustworthy assistants – formative but also personal – to undertake the hair graft since this treatment. One cannot understand without the supervision of those specialists in charge of verifying each hair follicle’s status for possible obtaining and subsequent transplantation.

Benefits Linked With the Surgeon Choosing the FUE Method

More excellent performance is achievable if the hair surgeon opts for the use of the FUE technique does a demonstration with the brief brushstrokes that are exposed below:

With the FUE method, the developing scars will hardly be noticeable, as there is no need to make slits or use stitches to close the wound.

Likewise, the single extraction of follicles facilitates a hypothetical additional surgery. The doctor does the surgery if the condition of the individual’s donor area is ready for it.

After hair grafting, the postoperative or recovery phase is barely non-existent, as is the necessary care during this stage. Therefore, the patient will return to his usual routine in a short space of time.

The main benefit comes from the use of the FUE method causes less trauma by the use of the scalpel and forceps, as it would happen if other techniques were chosen.

How Would the Fue Technique Be Executed?

The characteristic follicular collection of the FUE method consists of the use of a scalpel whose diameter adjusts to the size of each unit. However, this is usually around 0.8 millimeters. The follicular units obtained come from the head’s occipital and temporal areas since, unlike the frontal area, they are not influenced by baldness.

Once removed, the follicular units will be implanted in the most depopulated areas. The capillary specialist selected by the patient, once he has been clear about how to choose a surgeon for a hair graft, through innovative procedures, will ensure that it recovers the image it looked like years ago.

However, it should not be overlooked that these hair treatments are continually updated, so the right surgeon must be aware of these constant modifications, primarily to determine where to carry out a hair graft and what equipment to perform.

What is the Contrast Between Hair Loss in Men and Women?

The big difference between both alopecias is that hair loss maintains a diffuse pattern in women’s case, which means that all hair follicles are affected, from front to crown, decreasing in size and worsening the production of hair.

This difference is significant at the time of treatment since, unlike in men, which generally exists a healthy donor area, all areas are damaged. 

For this reason, it is critical to study each case in particular, since, according to the latest studies, there is a percentage of women who are good candidates to undergo a hair transplant.

We would find cases in which the pattern of hair loss is male, in which hair loss is due to accidents or trauma, traction alopecia, etc.

Hair Transplantation as a Solution to a Hair Loss Problem

The great advantage of hair transplantation, whether in men or women, is that it is a minor surgery. There can be no rejection since the donor and the recipient is the same people, hospitalization is not required, and the results are for life.

The reality is that the hair graft is an excellent option for 90% of men. Although in women, there is a complication in androgenic alopecia cases. Excellent results are obtainable in the rest of the instances.

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